Friday, September 17, 2010

Chester Golf Tourneys

I need for my creative juices to start flowing but it's hard to do on demand! What to name a tournament where we want to encourage other women players to join the ladies' league who haven't done so in the past. The best I've come up with so far is "Fun Fore All" but what would that actually mean with respect to the tournament?

I'm looking forward to the PR aspects of this "job". Ideas so far:

--Season kick-off newsletter with photo of new Executive, list of all the tourneys, reference to the ladies' division website, only $10 to play, "yes, we play by the rules and yes, we putt out but..." , kudos to people who broke 80, 90, 100 for the first time prior year. Explanation of pin rounds, Maggie Baker cup, ringer and chip-in boards, etc.

--Mid-season newsletter with some "action" photos and photos from lunches.

--End of season newsletter with pictures from Field Day and upcoming Executive.

--E-mails to all ladies in club at end of month with upcoming month's tourneys and explanation of formats.

--Inclusion in Keith Club e-mail of blurb about the ladies' league

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