Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

Now that I am an official employee of the Charlotte County Public School System, "Retirement 101" did not seem appropriate to include in the name of my blog.   The Jimmy Buffet song "Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes" came to me during a sleepless night (some things don't actually change!) and it seemed like an appropriate tag line. 

Just a few words about the final step in the employment process with the School System.  As is typical when you start a new job, I had to attend an orientation.  There were a few twists, though.  In the pile of paperwork that had to be signed, I came upon a Loyalty Oath.  What???  Yes, because I will be paid out of public funds, I had to swear loyalty to the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Florida.   (At least I think I was swearing allegiance to the Constitution of the State of Florida and not to the State itself--I'd hate to think I might lose my job if there are things that I like about another State better!)  Then there was the acknowledgment that my personnel file could be viewed and copied by anyone who makes a request (with my social security number and other confidential information redacted).  This is mandated by the "Sunshine" Law, which requires all state, county and municipal records to be open to the public for inspection.  (This brings to mind the song, "Let the sun shine in!" from the musical Hair.  Maybe the State of Florida would like to make that song its official tune.)

It was then on to the exciting video portion of the orientation.  The first two videos were pretty standard and covered the Drug Free Workplace Act and sexual harassment in the workplace.  (Having worked with my husband at Republic National Bank, this is always a bit of a sticky topic.  My boss was overheard at our wedding saying that he was glad that we were getting married because our relationship was a sexual harassment suit just waiting to happen.  I'm still not clear who would have been harassing whom, but it's worked out okay so far.)   The final video was a first for me--dealing with blood borne pathogens, like HIV and hepatitis.  This isn't an issue that I've ever had to think about, although it's a bit surprising that blood wasn't shed on the trading floor from time to time with the size of the egos of many of those guys.  The health risks posed by these pathogens are a real concern, though, for many employees of the School System.

The process of getting hired has been a bit comical at times and I certainly have made a joke of it in this blog.  All kidding aside, though, I am thrilled to be working at the Center and am excited to have the opportunity to help adults achieve their literacy goals.   Don't tell Leslie, but I would have done it for free! 

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  1. hm - if you' done it for free, you woudn't have had to swear allegiance to anyone! bravo to you for getting actively involved - i know you will truly make a difference. as i said before, you are my inspiration!


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