Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm Going to Pump You Up!

Hans and Franz from SNL will "pump you up"
One thing I'm enjoying about my new gym in Punta Gorda is the body pump classes.  I am woefully lazy when it comes to doing weight training on my own (which is pretty much mandatory when the weather dictates that you wear sleeveless shirts year-round) so it's great to have classes available that are predictably enjoyable.  Of course, they do take some getting used to, since you are using body bars and constantly changing the amount of weight on the bar.  (I've only knocked myself in the jaw once so far doing a cling and press, which I feel is a minor victory!)   The moves and the accompanying music are "choreographed" by the Leslie Mills company and you would think that it would get boring to do the same routine each time you go, but the instructors are high energy, so it's always engaging.  (The company does roll out new routines every few weeks as well to keep everyone on their toes.) 

I branched out into the body combat classes last week, which are really fun and challenging.   I was a bit hesitant because I tore my MCL the last time I took a martial arts type class--I actually had the experience of hearing a loud pop and suddenly finding myself on the ground, and it was not fun in the least--but the instructor encouraged me to take it at my own pace and to kick from the hip, not the knee, so I gave it a try.  What a work out!  Some people take body combat and body pump classes back to back, which I will maybe try to work up to.  In the mean time, it's time for me to get ready to go to the gym--writing this post has pumped me up to work out!

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