Monday, August 30, 2010

Family Memories

Whew--it is a hot one today! This summer has been the warmest that I remember. Usually there are very few days when we miss having air conditioning, but there have been more than a few this year. I am hiding out in the basement (aka the "man cave"), where it must be 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the house.

Lying here I am remembering one summer in the Berkshires when it was incredibly warm. We hadn't been married long and were there for a week or two with Scott. We had built the screened in porch to thwart the bugs but hadn't furnished it yet. When the heat set in, we pulled the TV out to the screened in porch with some cushions from patio furniture and continued our movie fest. I think it was Woody Allen that year, one of my least favorites since I just don't get his humor. (No matter how long I lived in NY, I was never going to become a New Yorker.) I think back much more fondly on other summer movie fests, particularly the Godfather series. We were creative with that one, going from the Godfather triology to other mafia movies (Analyze This and The Freshman come to mind). I now think that we might be driven to commit murder ourselves if we were cooped up in that small house for an extended period of time--maybe we'll have the opportunity to find out on our journeys to and from Florida. TTFN.

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