Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Broadway Palm Presents S'Wonderful

I violated a cardinal rule this week-end.  My parents were visiting and we decided to go see S'Wonderful at the Broadway Palm dinner theater in Fort Myers.  Why would I need to bring a camera for a theater outing?  As we pulled into the parking lot and I saw the parked tour buses (including a Hollywood Tours bus with signage that read, "Where the fun and excitement begin!"),  I was kicking myself for missing this photo opp.   Even my mother, who doesn't often read my blog because it's "on the computer," realized that this was a post waiting to happen. 

We picked up our tickets at the "Will Call" window and were ushered into the dining room/theater. Our table, which we shared with a few other theatergoers, was conveniently located right next to the buffet area.   Even though we had arrived at 5:45 and the buffet had only opened at 5:30, some people were already eating dessert.  These seniors (because yes, it was primarily an older audience) are serious about their food!  I have to say that the food was actually much better than I had expected.  There was a decent salad bar, a few hot items (including a carving station), and a great dessert selection.  Again, a missed photo opportunity. 

At 7:15, the tables were cleared in anticipation of the 7:30 curtain.  (I was really glad to find out that this wasn't the type of dinner theater where you eat during the performance.  It is just too depressing to think about the actors plying their trade to the clanking of silverware on plates and, "Harold, did you try the cabbage roll?" or "Waitress, can we get some more coffee over here?")    It was show time!

As you might have guessed from the title, S'Wonderful is a musical with Gershwin tunes.  There were five vignettes that had little plots that incorporated various Gershwin songs.   The members of the ensemble cast were good, if not great, and all had decent voices.  The pianist was terrific.  And, of course, the songs were great.  Who doesn't love Gershwin?   I periodically took a peek at my parents to see how they were enjoying it and noticed that, not only were they both awake, they were laughing and sitting cuddled up to one another with linked arms.  S'wonderful, indeed. 

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  1. You need a camera phone, Nanette. Presto! No more missed photo opportunities



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